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Compatibility:  2016-2017  Polaris General - 4 Pin - Replacement Headlights  

(fits both 4-seat/Crew models and 2-seaters)

All Options Include:

  • 100% Plug-and-play Turn Signal Kit with all required connections for your machine to integrate into your rear tail lights. 
  • Replacement Headlights with turn signal built-in
    • Turn Signal Switch that mounts on your steering column.
    • Wiring harness to integrate into instrument cluster AND wiring harness to mount stand-alone blue LEDs on the dash** (Not all models are compatible with the instrument cluster turn signals. We include a set of blue LED dash indicators as a backup in each kit for those incompatible machines)
    • Horn Kit (rocker switch for Dash)
    • Aluminum LED License Plate Frame (fits 4x7in plate)
      • Side Mount Bracket for license plate frame, built for Polaris General.
    • Instructions
    • Optional Hazard Add On Switch (gives your kit 4-way Flashers) 
    • If you have a machine with a HVAC, see the HVAC Wire Extension Kit.


Want the best?  No other Turn Signal Kit on the market. 

  • Zero Splicing is required on this kit.  100% Plug-and-Play
  • Easy to install steering-column mounted Turn Signal Switch
  • Includes all necessary components for most states' laws regarding Street Legal Use. (Mirrors can be purchased separately where required)

What sets us apart?

  • Have you seen the video below??? No other kit like it.
  • Steering-column mounted turn signal switch
  • Aluminum Lighted License plate frame with integrated LEDs
  • Dash indicators integrate into compatible instrument clusters**

WD Electronics Turn Signal 16-17 General

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