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Upper Doors for Year-Round Riding
When the seasons change, you get unpredictable weather. By adding SuperATV's Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors to your Polaris RZR Pro R, you won't have to miss out on a ride because of the forecast. We've designed and manufactured these doors with our Pel-Tek Technology, so they are strong, water resistant, and keep you protected from the elements. If you want to add more comfort to your cab, these doors will give you control of your airflow. And they're even compatible with our windshields and roof for the Pro R.

Made with Pel-Tek Technology
We designed these doors to outlast years of tough riding. How? We use a PVC-backed polyester material that utilizes our Pel-Tek Technology. They're resistant to abrasions, punctures, mildew, and CNC cut to fit tightly on your machine without stretching or sagging. We finish them with our premium stitching technique that looks better than any standard hem job. Plus, we make installation painless—everything secures to your machine using Velcro and frame-mounted snaps. And if you’re trailering your machine, we’ve added cinch straps for added security.

Window Clarity
We use double-polished vinyl to make our windows the clearest you've ever seen. And they're UV-resistant, so they'll give you years of great visibility without turning yellow or cracking.

Versatility Helps You Stay Prepared
When you never know what kind of weather to expect, having a set of versatile doors is essential. Is the sun here to stay? Unzip and remove the central portion of the door and leave it at home without removing the entire cab enclosure. Or, if the weather is warm and calling for isolated showers, you can roll the window up, secure it down with the flap, and snap it into place (this also gives you a comfy armrest). And when you want added protection from trail debris or the rain, our heavy-duty, snag-free zipper will keep them securely shut.

Want a Full Cab Enclosure?
These Polaris RZR Pro R upper doors are the first step in enclosing your cab completely. You can add a roof and a front or rear windshield and treat yourself to maximum comfort and protection, no matter the season.


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