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Rhino Lights llc is known for its in house engineered products and our Rhino 2.0 LED whips are no different. We are the THICKEST production whip on the market coming in at 1" thick which gives us the MOST RGB leds per linear foot then any other company on the market. Combine our handcrafted whips with our custom in-house built American made black springs with quick disconnect then you have an ultra durable whip light backed by a TRUE Lifetime Warranty.

What’s Included?

  • (1 or 2) USA Made Rhino Whip(s) - Choose Size / Qty.
  • (1 or 2) USA Made Black Springs w/ Quick Disconnect base. ( 4” Springs ) - Springs not included for 12in or 18in Whips
  • (1 or 2) Rhino Lights Flags
  • (1 or 2) 12 ft 3-Pin 18 Gauge Whip Wires w/ Pigtails
  • Optional: Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness w/ Rocker Switch

Why are we the best?

  • True USA Lifetime Warranty 
  • True to Size LED Whips; see photos for overall length
  • Rhino Manufactured LED Strip with UV protected clear resin
  • Ultra-Clear PVC Heat Shrink that has UV Protection
  • Hand selected 5050 RGB LEDs to ensure brightest whips possible
  • 360 Degree wrapped LED whip with ZERO spacing
  • USA Made Anti-Clogging 100% secure metal to metal quick disconnect system
  • One secure Bluetooth Connections to app at a time


  • Rhino Lights proprietary syncing system to our halos, rock lights, and more.
  • Solid Colors, Chasing, Stacking, Dancing, Pulsing including Music Mode with our Built in Microphone in the bluetooth controller
  • Want to add Turn Signal, Braking and Reverse Functionality? Order our Made in USA Turn Signal, Braking and Reverse Addon Board

RGB LED Count:

  • 1ft Whip - 6 feet of LED Strip each with about 108 LEDS per WHIP
  • 2ft Whip - 12 feet of LED Strip each with about 240 LEDS per WHIP
  • 3ft Whip - 18 feet of LED Strip each with about 360 LEDS per WHIP
  • 4ft Whip - 24 feet of LED Strip each with about 462 LEDS per WHIP

Rhino RGB Whips 2.0 - Made in House

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