Our all new RGB+W RZR Fang accent lights are fully plug and play with our RGB+W rock light kits.  Makes installation a breeze and allows you to plug these directly into your current rock light system or add on a dedicated controller and control separately.  *Rock light kit not included & you must order dedicated controller if your not currently running/ordering our rock light system*


Did we mention we also have the best warranty on the market?  25 yr if you can break it we replace it warranty (includes accidental damage). 


Our all new RGB+W Bluetooth & RF Controller allows dual control from a bluetooth app or a back up handheld remote.  Controller also includes brake override option which will turn the kit on and to red if it is wired to your positive brake wire as well as a white override function that can be used to turn the kit white with a dome switch or courtesy light.


We offer two options:

Add to RGB+W 5 Pin Rock Light System: No Controller

This option allows you to plug in your accent lights directly into our RGB+W rock light kit and run them together.  The lights cannot be controlled independently.  Comes with needed wiring to plug into your current RGB+W 5 pin system. 

Include Dedicated Controller: w/ Option to link to rock light controller.

This option allows you to run by itself if your not running our rock light system or if you want to control your accent lights and rock lights independently.   

*If you are not running our color change rock lights you will need to choose this option.*

*To run a dedicated controller & sync to your current one you must be running the controller that uses the app LED BLE*

Infinite Offroad (RGB+W) RZR Fang Accent Lights