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Seamless Control
Control all of your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories with one device with the Garmin PowerSwitch™ Digital Switch Box! It consolidates controls for light bars, horns, air compressors, differential locks, and more into one convenient location. Pair it with your Garmin navigator or the Garmin PowerSwitch app on your smartphone for easier access to all of your off-road accessories.

Convenient Pairing Options
With this easy-to-use switch panel, you can wirelessly connect to your compatible Garmin GPS device or the PowerSwitch app on your smartphone. You can use your GPS or smartphone app to create personalized digital switch panels. This lets you customize the order of your accessory controls and manage the dimming and flashing of lights all from one screen. When paired with the Garmin Tread™ , you can even create and use smart switches that will automatically activate based on your vehicle’s speed or the time of day.

Easy to Install
This accessory controller is designed to simplify your ride experience, not complicate it. Installing the compact, weather-resistant box is quick and straightforward. Mounting the switches is easy and doesn’t require cutting into your dash or interfering with your machine’s electronics.

Kit Includes:
Garmin PowerSwitch™
Power cable
Ground cable

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


SKU: 010-02466-00
    • Compact and rugged controller for your vehicle’s 12-volt accessories
    • Number of accessory plugs: 6
    • Max amps per plug: 30 amps
    • Max amps total: 100 amps
    • IPX7 weather-resistant rating
    • Dimensions: 4.9” W x 1.3” H x 3” D
    • Weight: 10 oz (283 g)
  • Universal

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